Our Rule of the Wild

We all know that the key to getting anything to work is unity. That's why we rely on YOU just as much as the animals that we represent do. Conservation depends entirely on the communities that choose to serve it. Better put, when we work together things get done. 
  We can save wildlife.

 Up to 15% of profits from every sale donated to the groups we share our   platform with!

 The brand is set up to raise funding and awareness for the animals that each product represents.

 Powered by HCF a wildlife charity



Owner, Konrad Maslanek

Graphic Designer, Cody Coffman

Graphic Designer, Abraham Anderson

Graphic Designer, Ashley Buscemi 

Graphic Designer, April Kurzynowski

Graphic Designer, Donald Weston 

Fun ➼ Innovative ➼ Fundraising
HCF is a tax-exempt nonprofit organization as described in sections 170(b)(1)(A)(vi) and 501(c)(3) of the US Internal Revenue Code, and is registered as a public charity in the State of Michigan.