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Our original products raise funding and awareness for the animals that are represented. We are 100% charitable as an independant business. Through our campaigns, we are able to provide a platform to not only allow artists to get recognition, but also advocate for the welfare of the animal associated with each product. Each design tells a story. Rest assured that when you wear our brand, we will carry out our promise to help these animals wherever we can!

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Camp Lumba Lumba

Congo Tourism Gate

Critchlow Alligator Sanctuary


Camp Lumba Lumba is the World's first dolphin release facility cofounded by our partners at Dolphin Project in 2019.

In Karimun Jawa, Indonesia, is Camp Lumba Lumba – the world’s first permanent facility dedicated to the rehabilitation and release of dolphins. For dolphins deemed releasable, this is where they are facilitated back into the wild.

For dolphins deemed unreleasable, they can retire at the Umah Lumba Center in a safe and healing seapen, and live out the rest of their lives in peace and dignity.

This is where previously captive dolphins that were held in zoos, or aquariums, are taught to be wild. Funded by our shop here, and by our partners at Dolphin Project. The open waters of Indonesia allow for an easy transition back to their wild mindset.

Congo Tourism Gate strives to set a positive future for their communities and African wildlife with our aid.

The pride of Africa is in it's nature and culture. Thanks to the program Gorilla Ambassadors initiated by Congo Tourism Gate, we are striving to conserve wildlife through our communities for our next generations. CTG is a non-profit organization supported through the visits to the mountain and lowland gorillas, volcanoes and other tourist attractions in the Democratic Republic of Congo. CTG also operates as Africa Tourism Gate and they can be found on Facebook.

The program aims to teach the young generation about wildlife so that they become future protectors of the fauna and flora. We host several different municipalities at our school in the city of Goma. Help us keep our mission alive!

Education unlocks strength.

At Critchlow Alligator Sanctuary in Michigan, our partners aim to change the way you view these animals for the better while also bettering these animals lives in the process.

Located right outside of Kalamazoo, this is the home of hundreds of reptiles who have come to us through adoption, donation, rescue, or from other institutions.  They have educated local and state authorities with animal control how to properly handle these animals when encountered in the field on site here to avoid mistakes and injuries. They also work with schools and universities to provide educational programs and internships.  

No animals are bought, sold, or traded at the Critchlow Alligator Sanctuary.  They provide a comfortable home and care for these animals for the rest of their lives. It's time to clean up the pet trades mess.


Operating around the world, SAVE THE FROGS! aims to benefit amphibian populations through legislature and by rebuilding their habitats in the wild.

Founded in 2008 , our mission is to protect amphibian populations and to promote a society that respects and appreciates nature and wildlife.

To date, SAVE THE FROGS! staff and volunteers have organized well over 2,000 educational events in at least 57 countries; helped the betterment of legislation on behalf of amphibians; and created, restored and protected critical wetland habitats.

Amphibians have porous skin, meaning that they are prone to pollution and elemental threats. These creatures are known to be the most threatened species on Earth! Making this one of the most important movements yet.

The Winton Foundation for the Welfare of Bears is not tied to any one organization but works in partnership where applicable for the greater good of bears.

Based in Scotland, they are one of two groups whose sole purpose is to help promote the welfare of bears around the Globe. Having access to a wide network of sanctuaries and conservation groups, we felt it best that our funding goes to them. There are eight species of bears on Earth and our goal is to help protect these amazing animals.

MYCAT is our prime candidate of choice to help protect the Malayan tiger in the wild. The Malaysian Conservation Alliance for Tigers is the frontline to protect this species.

MYCAT specializes in getting the community involved, and quite frankly so do we. Our goal is to raise funding to help their efforts. Working hand in hand with local governments, they aim to protect the native habitat that the Malayan tigers call home.

After the passing of Eko the Tiger at the Naples Zoo, we thought this organization would fit our mission. Let's protect their native habitat! It starts with MYCAT.

We aim to offer a valuable resource to the world and invite YOU to join us.

For information on on how you can volunteer with us, please visit

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